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      They talked of the palace and what she had seen, and avoided anything personal until at last Trafford said:"But I shall take a house at San Remo, Allegra. Do you expect me to turn innkeepercharge you for your bed and board?"

      She went with him meekly, walking her fastest under the pelting rain, which was at her back now as they made for the house.

      I wonder what she will do with it? she said; I hope shell sell it at once, and give those children a splendid supper; you said there were children, you know."There will be a weight off my mind when you and Allegra are married," said Isola, gravely.

      Trafford waved his hand while the house was still in sight, then carefully and gently brushed the rice from Esmeraldas clothes.Shall I? said Esmeralda.


      "And yet, and yet," he said to himself, after lengthened meditation, with unseeing eyes fixed upon the movement of the tide, "I think she loved me. I think her heart was mine from the hour her tears welcomed me back to this house, until her last sigh. God help all young wives whom their[Pg 330] husbands leave alone in their youth and beauty to stand or fall in the hour of temptation!"


      Cords:The word struck lightly on the sensitive chain of association, and there was an instant response from the past;"Holden with the cords of his sins." No doubt that was the essential truth. Strictly speaking, a separate act or an individual life was an impossibility; each was bound to each by influence or consequence; sin, especially, entailed its results upon a wide circle of inheritors,the sinner himself, his kindred, friends, neighbors, even his descendants unto remote generations. Doubtless the sins of many old-time Bergans had helped to twist the cords which had held the mansion of their pride to so sad a period of desertion and decay, if not their scion to so woful a death. With how many such cords was he himself holden, and to what, and for how long?



      "I see you are anxious to be on your way home, Mrs. Disney," said Lostwithiel, who had nothing to do but watch her face, such an expressive face at all times, so picturesquely beautiful when touched by the flickering light of the wood fire. "If you were to wait for fine weather you might be here all night, and your good people at home would be frantic. I'll order a carriage, and you can be at home in three-quarters of an hour."How old do you think it is? he asked.