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      "Let's make her good and strong, Si," said Shorty, putting in some more tobacco; "for the fellers are sock-dolagers, and it will take a horse dose to kill 'em. They'll just enjoy a little taste o' terbacker. Make it strong enough to bear up an aig. Now, let's git our clothes off while it's coolin' down. You drench me, and I'll drench you, and we'll salivate these gallinippers in a way that'll surprise 'em."

      An Uncomfortable Situation 107

      "Them's guerrillas," affirmed Shorty, "sure's the right bower takes the left. None o' our cavalry's stringin' around over the hill-tops. Then, I made out some white horses, which our cavalry don't have. It's just as Si says, them Nashville spies 's put the rebel cavalry onto us.""I thought I told you to stay back," said Si, more intent on military discipline than his escape.

      "Mishun Rij, nere Chattynoogy, April the 10, 1864.

      By the time they came in sight of the sutler's shanty the boys had finished their breakfast and were moving off after Billings.


      dEER shoRty:


      "Why, one of my Sergeants reported that a Corporal came from your Headquarters, and directed the raid to be made."


      Somehow, the sun only shone with real brightness and warmth over the pleasant homes and fertile fields of Posey County, Ind. Somehow, women had a fairness and sweetness there denied to their sex elsewhere, and somehow the flower of them all was a buxom maiden of 20 dwelling under the roof of Deacon Klegg.