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      The old woman resumed her needle. "And all you have for it," was the first word, "is his pity, eh?"

      She can not be with any friends or she would have written; they would have written, said Lady Wyndover. Besides, that is impossible. They would not hide her from us; and there is no one she knows intimately enoughCant say, sir, replied the clerk. The berths were[265] booked with the agent himself. I only came on for the nightwork, and didnt see the gentleman.

      I should like that! she said. Yes, I should like it very much! We used to have hunting-parties from Three Star, but we had to stalk the game and shoot it. It was hard work, and you had to be a good shot with the rifle. Varley could bring them down at a tremendous distancefurther than I could, though he used to say that I had the best eyes in the camp.Yes, Esmeralda, he said, breathlessly. Im here. Did you think I should not come after you? Did you think I should not know where you had gone when you took flight?

      Varley looked round.


      I know Dogs Ear, William; there will be more than six in this affair.It must be their fault, she said, na?vely.


      Our double refined oil without smell, murmured Lord Selvaine; but he nodded encouragingly to Norman.


      He is a good fellow, said Trafford, absently. He was looking at Esmeralda and thinking of her, not Norman.But what new rapture was this? Some glorious luck had altered the route, and the whole business swung right into this old rue Royale! Now, now the merry clamor and rush of the crowd righting itself! And behold! this blazing staff and its commanding general--general of division! He first, and then all they, bowed to Flora and her grandmother, bowed to the Callenders, and were bowed to in return. A mounted escort followed. And now--yea, verily! General Brodnax and his staff of brigade! Wave, Valcours, wave Callenders! Irby's bow to Flora was majestic, and hers to him as gracious as the smell of flowers in the air. And here was Mandeville, most glittering in all the glitter. Flora beamed on him as well, Anna bowed with a gay fondness, Miranda's dainty nose crimped itself, and Constance, with a blitheness even more vivid, wished all these balconies could know that Captain--he was Lieutenant, but that was away back last week--Captain Etienne Aristide Rofignac de Mandeville was hers, whom, after their marriage, now so near at hand, she was going always to call Steve!